The vzw “Natuur & Cultuur Toerisme” (a non-profit  assoc.) in Hasselt has recently created a new park, unique for the Province of Limburg and the Euregion Meuse-Rhine, maybe even for Europe …

This park (over 1.5 hectare) shows us in a playfull and contemporary atmosphere ancient handicrafts (such as basketry, glass mosaic …) as well as the bio-diversity of box wood and even the art of pruning, since Albert Navez, owner of the park, became a real master of the topiay art since many, many years !

Main purpose of the park in Hasselt however is, as mentioned already, giving us an idea of the bio-diversity and the riches of box-wood (more than 120 different varieties), partly presented in baskets, their original latin name shown by wooden engravings.
In the middle of the park, on the top of an artificial talus, stands a huge wicker basket (open to public and with its’ 15m²  probably the largest one in the world) offering you a splendid view of the park.

The square round this basket is reserved, as an open-air galllery, to other local or even foreign artists in order to mount exhibitions. From this very center of the park several paths, constructed in dolomite, bring you into 25 open-air rooms, “leaf-shaped” and separated with 2 m. high walls of yew.

Each of these so-called rooms offers you a real surprise, showing the liaison between nature, culture and tourism by a range of figures and objects made of box, well-trimmed bushes such as tom thumb, playing children, cats, dogs, horses,  dancing bears (even on  turning balls) or the latest box-wooden creature of albert navez, bride & groom dancing… as well as a pond, completey made of recycled coloured glass.

Even while following the paths, special trimmed sculptures, artificial objects made in wicker, rattan, box-wood, wire-netting, glass mosaic or even bronze are to be seen !
The park, easy of access for wheel-chair users,  is easily attainable for all of us … situated less than 2 miles away from the great ring road around the town of Hasselt (road Hasselt to Stevoort), alongside a pedestrian & cycle path (Haspengouw 96 – 177) and has a bus stop at a stone’s throw !
Whenever you like, you can always buy a drink  at the summer-house (with terrace) offering you a splendid view of the garden …

The world we’re living in nowadays has become an artificial environment and we all feel the need of returning to our natural roots, back to nature, to relax in a almost lost natural habitat … this park gives you the opportunity to feel  the force, richess  and beauty of nature ! That’s the main reason we created it !

Be our guest and have a pleasant day !

Albert & Monique Navez